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Home Buyers Guide

Define your property search
There are a few factors that you need to consider before deciding which house to buy.To start, consider your current and anticipated housing needs. Depending on your family structure you might want a big house that accommodates your aging parents, or kids you have or could have in a few years.

The CENTURY 21 real estate professional agent has the expertise to help you narrow down your choices by sharing market trends, such as property prices in neighborhoods, and local information. The CENTURY 21 real estate agent will help you through the process of searching the online library of properties.

Your Income
After you have figured out what type of home you are looking for, the next step is to figure out your budget. You need to review your income, savings, family expenses, loan possibilities, interest rates and excising debt that you might have. Century 21 agents will also help you to evaluate how much you can afford by using the housing expense-to-income ratio. Each buyer is unique and a mortgage professional can help you find out just what you can afford.

Your home search process
When you are finally ready to go to the next step which is visiting houses, the CENTURY 21 professional will arrange showings, keep track of the cons and pros of the properties you have seen, and develop a rating system that will help you narrow the options down.

We understand that buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will make. That is why you need to select the most experienced agent who understands your concerns and will be able to provide solutions to your questions. A CENTURY 21 PRESTIGE agent can guide you through every step of buying you dream home and will represent your interest in a transaction through personalized service.

Preparing your offer
Once you have found the right house, the next step is making an offer that will be successful. The advertised price can always be negotiated and the real estate agent takes advantage of specialized techniques and negotiating methods in order to arrive at the lowest buying price.

You might be asking yourself whether financing or an all-cash offer is better. Our real estate agents will help you decide what buying choice is best for you and guide you through all the different mortgage options offered to you. A CENTURY 21 Agent can help connect you with one of our Partner Mortgage Lenders that will give you preferential interest rates.

Closing the deal
Once you have found your future house, formally closed the deal with the seller, and made a choice about the financing, you need to get started with the contractual side of the purchase. Do you have the knowledge to deal with all the legal paperwork involved in the transaction? You know how time consuming is dealing with these documents.

Let your CENTURY 21 PRESTIGE professionals guide you though this process. They will provide you with proper instructions and offer you the right and easiest solutions.

Now that you have a home and have the means to finance it, you must think about protecting it. Our real estate agents will offer help with different kinds of insurance available to you and CENTURY 21 PRESTIGE will also direct you to one of our Partners who will offer you preferable rates.

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